St Louis Country Board of Elections

Campaign Letter

We Need......ERNIE

Dear Constituents,

Please allow me to introduce myself and share with you why you are receiving this letter. My name is Ernie Trakas and I am running for the office of St. Louis County Councilman. Our community is in need of a truly independent, assertive voice to represent us in Clayton.

For far too long District 6 has been shown little regard by the County Council and this needs to stop. One only needs to look at the National Church Residences, Basler Farm, and Bauer Road real estate project proposals to see that the voices of our community are not being heard or taken seriously, and how constituents are treated with contempt by the Council.

Because of the lack of serious representation at the County Council, our neighborhoods have been increasingly compromised and we are sitting by watching crime increase. For the future of our community, this is simply untenable. If we don't actively engage government now, our neighborhoods will be little more than a memory of what South County residents have worked hard to develop and secure for decades.

At all levels of government battle lines have been drawn. The battle is at your front door and it is time to fight for South County. I'm willing to help lead the way, but victory will only be secured if we act as a community. It will take boots on the ground to win this battle.

Tuesday, August 2nd, is the first engagement in the battle to win assertive representation for District 6. Though unopposed for the primary, it is important that you and your family, along with friends and neighbors, get out and vote for Ernie Trakas.

Active engagement toward victory at this time also means volunteering at the polls on August 2nd handing out campaign information, educating our community about my candidacy and the issues we are facing. Issues such as the proposed MetroLink Expansion into our area and a City-County merger are at our doorstep. It is concerning and alarming that many residents of District 6 don't know that these projects are being considered and plans are being made. We must now sound the alarm and fight for South County and I'm asking you to join me today!

In Service, Ernie