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January 11, 2017 Disenfranchisement of South County ENDS, Trakas says

After being sworn in last week, new 6th District County Councilman Ernie Trakas, R-Oakville, promises that south county residents no longer have to worry that they have no voice in Clayton.

"The disenfranchisement of the citizens of District 6 ended the day I was sworn in," Trakas told the Call after taking office.

To engage residents, Trakas plans to hold quarterly town-hall meetings rotating through Oakville, Concord, Lemay and Affton, starting with a kickoff meeting in Lemay in March.

Former Councilman John Campisi, who was the last Republican to hold the seat and was defeated for re-election in 2008 by now-County Executive Steve Stenger, frequently held town-hall meetings. As a councilman, Stenger also conducted town-hall meetings, but not as frequently as Campisi.

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December 26, 2016 New year, new ballgame in St. Louis County Council chambers

Mike O’Mara’s tenure as a St. Louis County Council member was in its final moments Tuesday when 7th District Councilman Mark Harder of west St. Louis County asked the chair — O’Mara — for permission to deliver a year-end valedictory.

Harder, a first-term Republican, has over the past two years differed frequently with 4th District Councilman O’Mara, a Democrat, on council issues.

But on this occasion, the barbs were limited to eye-rolling puns that played off O’Mara’s status as a standout soccer player and inductee in the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame.

Harder concluded his remarks by passing O’Mara a soccer ball autographed by the council, County Executive Steve Stenger and top county officials.

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November 02, 2016 Newspaper endorses Trakas for 6th District County Council seat

Two strong candidates are seeking election to the 6th District County Council seat in the Tuesday, Nov. 8, election.

Oakville attorney Ernie Trakas, a Republican political newcomer, and former Rep. Pat Yaeger, D-Lemay, hope to fill the council seat being vacated by Kevin O'Leary, D-Oakville, who is not seeking re-election.

O'Leary defeated Republican Tony Pousosa and Constitution Party candidate Cynthia Redburn in the April 2015 election to fill the seat vacated by Steve Stenger, who was elected county executive in November 2014.

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November 02, 2016 Voters here could chart course of county government for years

The showdown next week between Ernie Trakas and Patricia "Pat" Yaeger for the 6th District County Council seat, or the "mayor of south county," could chart the course of county government for years.

If Oakville attorney Trakas, a Republican, defeats former Rep. Yaeger, D-Lemay, in the Tuesday, Nov. 8 election, the council's balance of power would decisively shift away from legislators allied with County Executive Steve Stenger toward those more opposed to his initiatives.

The independence of south county's next legislator is the biggest question on the minds of 6th District voters, Yaeger said at an Oct. 20 South County Chamber of Commerce forum in Sunset Hills. She is endorsed by Stenger.

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November 02, 2016 South county voters have chance to restore their voice in Clayton

We will have many issues and candidates to choose from on Nov. 8, but none more important than the 6th District County Council race.

After almost 10 years of pay-to-play and rubber-stamp politics in south county, you will have an opportunity to vote for a person who will restore your voice. The current county government "leaders" have nothing but arrogant contempt for south county residents.

The Bauer Road apartment project will probably be brought back after the election and completed before the 2020 election. It may even include that Wal-Mart grocery store that residents opposed.

CLAYTON • The St. Louis County Council member representing South County said Tuesday that he would pursue a hearing to allow critics the opportunity to air concerns about the proposed development of a 232-unit apartment complex along a road that residents say is already too congested.

“Let’s not rush anything — let them have their say and we can go from there,” Councilman Kevin O’Leary said after the Tuesday meeting at which opponents launched the first volley in what could be a protracted fight to block the 17-acre project.

Councilman's performance in office merits failing grade

Being an elected official carries with it some huge responsibilities.

First and foremost, an elected official is responsible for representing the citizens living within his or her political subdivision. That includes a willingness to meet face to face with residents and hear their concerns.

Other responsibilities include educating yourself about issues you will be voting on and taking into account what is best for your constituents when you cast a vote on a particular issue. We also believe elected officials must display a willingness to explain their votes when queried by the media or their constituents.

MFPD asks county to delay public hearing on Berra plan

Officials from the Mehlville Fire Protection District are asking the county to hold off on considering an apartment complex proposed in Concord because of the difficulties fire trucks will encounter trying to access the sprawling, gated 232-unit development.

Mehlville School District representatives are also concerned about how school buses will pick up and drop off children living in "21Bauer," which Oakville-based developer J.H. Berra proposes to consist of gated "high-end" apartments in 10 two-, three- and four-story buildings at the intersection of Tesson Ferry and Bauer roads.

Developers pull proposal to build controversial South County apartment complex

CLAYTON The developers of an apartment project that has come under withering criticism from South County residents have informed county officials they are taking the proposal off the table.

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger announced in a Thursday afternoon press release that JHB Properties had withdrawn its petition to construct 232 apartments at the intersection of Bauer and Tesson Ferry roads.

“JHB representatives contacted me to say they were permanently pulling their plans for this project,” Stenger said in a prepared statement.