St Louis Country Board of Elections

Vote Ernie Trakas

A heart now filled


Ernie's legal experience and skills litigating before the judicial branch of government, including arguing cases before United States Courts of Appeal, along with his work with the Committee on Interstate & Foreign Commerce at the U.S. House of Representatives, provides a rare District 6 candidate. Ernie is skilled, knowledgeable, and equipped to be the assertive voice District 6 needs at this time. For far too long South County has not been represented properly in St. Louis County government. His character is solid and his convictions are strong. If elected, District 6 and St. Louis County government will be affected and influenced by Ernie Trakas' efforts to stabilize and restore a bright future for St. Louis County.

With my varied legal experiences, work ethic, convictions of right and wrong, and, most importantly, your vote and active engagement, we can restore the voice of the people in Council District 6 and remain vigilant over the people's rights and business concerns in our area and the entire St. Louis County.